About us

Who is, what is swap-stop?

How it started

In December 2015, the first ‘swap’ took place between Karlheinz and Walter. Shortly afterwards followed the second ‘swap’ between John W. and Walter.

We have published some pictures at ello.co. However, since the social networks do not allow their own structures (sooner or later, everything goes under and has no structure), swap-stop.org became our home.
Step by step the circle of the co-workers increased.

As of March 2016, we have members from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • USA

What is swap-stop doing?

Two or more members use only one film to create multiple exposures. It is possible that the second photographer has no idea what motifs the first photographer has brought to the film. Partially, the first photographer provides complementary pictures.

The exposure takes place according to the number of photographs x nominal ISO of the film (example: 2 photographers, film with ISO 100 = 2×100 = ISO200).

In order to decrease overlapping of the individual images, we mark the films (not necessary if same cameras, with Winder, used, such as PENTAX Z-1).

Every now and then, not so ordinary films, e.g. Redscale.

Walter produces from time to time ‘special’ films (experimental photography) by ‘destroying’ the emulsions. After these films are usable, each swap-stop member automatically gets a copy of the testing.

How can I take part?

Very simple, drop us a line and we talk about it;)