Preparations for Film – Swap

Insert Film

Mark Film

The photographer who make the first exposure have to mark the film at two positions.

  • First one after the film-tongue is put into the spool.
  • Second one after he made the first forward.

Proceed as normal.

Rewind the Film

Possible Problems:

The Fotographer rewind the film kompletly into the tank.

The PENTAX ME, ME-Super, ME-F has a little window at the back, this show you the movment of the film, when this little red lines spot moving, stop rewinding!

With other cameras stop rewinding after the resitance is off.

Insert Film as 2. Photographer

Take film out till the first mark show up and put the film tongue into the spool. Now to a forward and look if the second mark match.

Possible Problems:

You need to pull out the film more than the first mark show up to put the tongue into the spool.

  • In that case do not a full forward, forward only till the second mark show up. Than push the rewind-lock button at the bottom of the camera, put a finger at the sprocket so that it can’t move, finish the forward. Close camera and forward to image 1.

You forward the film over second mark.

  • Push the rewind lock at the bottom of the camera and rewind till the second mark match.