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More than 30 years ago I start with film photography. Since the first day I was a PENTAX Fan Boy, my frist PENTAX was a ME-Super. I stop for a couple of years photography. Than I restart with a digital PENTAX K10D, but soon I went back to film photography. Sure time by time I use digital cameras (PENTAX MX-1, K10D, K-5II, K-3II). I own nearly all models of all analog PENTAX camera series. Nearly same is about PENTAX lenses.

At medium format, the Zenza Bronicas  are my favorite, but I’m also in love with the Yashica MAT 124G.

During the last time I focus more on experimental photography. I like to ‘tortoure’ film-emlusion to change colours, etc. as well as I like to use non-standard lenses, like zoneplate, pinhole, Lensbaby, Subjektiv-System by Novoflex.

I dislike post – processing of photos at the computer. I prefer to bring all straight the to film so that enlargement can be done right way.

Black and white film I develop on my own, most of time as Semi-stand-development. C41 etc, including scanning  by my friends at Prisma Color do.

Location: Aachen.

Whats more to say? I like and use Open-Source-Systems like the Debian Linux. Post-processing of photos at the computer I do with GIMP, Digikam, UFraw, Rawtherapee, etc. am Start. Professionally, I’m from the tax-advisory and economic-testing department.

Online: Galerie (DE), Blog (EN), Twitter (DE/EN) , Ello (DE/EN)

Till now I was part of the following collaborations:

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